To become the leading institution of socioeconomic development that focuses towards achieving the well being of people.

Mission Statement

Committed to strengthen the economy of the nation by delivering the best,most efficient and honest services



Key Values

Key values that practiced in corporate culture of Yapeim :

  1. Trust
  2. Efficient
  3. Sensitive
  4. Competent
  5. Integrity

Corporate Objective

“Business Social & Business”

  1. The implementation of competitive, innovative, efficient & quality Shariah compliance business have made an impact on the socioeconomic development as well as the social well being from the provision of micro credit financing facilities,platforms and support for the entrepreneur development program.
  2. An efficient Financial Management & administration with good governance practices have influence business activities to strengthen its position.


The development of socioeconomy & charity

  1. Cultivate and provide an easy and reliable infrastructure to the community
  2. Delivering the charitable donations to the beneficiaries with the variety of transparent and effective approaches for the community
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